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Welcome to our web site.


We have 12 color collections totaling 187 unique color combinations available for you to choose from.

All of our knobs and pulls are handmade in Portland Oregon.

Due to the handmade nature of our products expect variations in color & slight variations in size.

All knobs are approximately 1 1/2" x 1 1/2"

All Pulls are approximately 1" x 4" with the hardware on 3 inch centers.


Border Collection

Black or color surrounds

NEW Collection!

Bubbles Collection

Knob & Pulls with

bubbles in the glass



Glow in the Dark Collection

Tinted colors that

glow aqua blue


Granite Collection

Granite-ish colors


Li'l Squares Collection

Checker board look with

a variety of colors


Mardi Gras Collection

Varying strings and

dots color these


Metal Collection

Clear covered or straight up these look great



Mosaic Collection

Random colors



Opaline Collection

Opaline gives a glowy

bluish tint


Reactive Collection

Light Cyan floating on top

creates a shadow effect


Solid Collection

See all the colors

of the rainbow


Swirl Collection

The colors are swirled together

so no two are the same


The family of

Aquila Art Group


Aquila Art Glass

Our studio offerings.


Aquila Glass School

Learn to make your own

art glass pieces.


Best Mix Mold Mix

For artists who want to make

their own slumping molds.



Glass cabinet

knobs and pulls.


Shop at our Store

Art glass supplies

and a Gallery


All of our products are






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Hot Knobs

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Phone: 503-240-9449

Fax: 503-715-0250


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